Introducing Wild Thyme Gourmet

A Central Otago company backed by more than twenty years' baking and chefing experience that specialises in the provision of superior condiments, pastries and catering services.


Over the years Wild Thyme Gourmet has perfected a number of condiment recipes that have been used in superior catering roles. They now bring those condiments to you to use in your own dishes.

From the sublime Pinot Noir sauce to the delightful Wild Berry Jam there is something for everyone. Check out the Condiments page for more details.


Experienced in all aspects of catering, Wild Thyme Gourmet will work closely with you to create and design a menu that takes advantage of fresh, local produce. From intimate dinners in your own home to catering for large corporate events, we offer professional and personalised service for you and your guests with cuisine that will enliven your palate and stimulate your senses.

Every week from labour weekend until the end of February Wild Thyme Gourmet freshly prepares and bakes a range of breads, pies, salads and treats for the Sunday Central Otago Farmers Market in Cromwell.

During the winter months our produce is available via a weekly email. Each week, a different range is produced so to be sure you do not miss out make sure you are on the mailing list. If in doubt, send an email to and ask to be added to the list.





Apricot Chutney

Apricot chutney from the Wild Thyme Gourmet range of condiments.