Breads And Treats

A selection of gourmet baking available from summer markets and our winter Friday bake.

Artisan Breads


Multi Grain Ciabatta



Seed & Grain Batter Bread

 Olive Oil Bread Scrolls

Spinach, roast red pepper, sundried tomatoes,
olives and cheese.

Ham, salami, sundried tomatoes,
 olives and cheese

Rocket, Feta, sundried tomatoes,
 olives and cheese

Gourmet Pies

Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom

Bacon and Egg

Roast Kumera, Spinach, Blue Cheese and Cashew nut

Wild Venison

Gourmet Pastries

Custard Slice (Almost as good as his mum's!)

Fresh Berry Danish

Toffee Danish

Cherry and Chocolate Shortcake with Whittakers 72% dark chocolate

Apple and Boysenberry Shortcake

Apricot Shortcake

Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie

Spices used in the Pinot Noir Sauce

All breads are baked fresh, from scratch using no pre-mix, preservatives or artificial flavours.

A selection of these products will be available every week for either the Sunday market or Friday lunchtime delivery during the winter. Not all products will be available every week. Please check with us for availability.

In addition to the listed products we can make cakes, pastries and cheesecakes to order for special occasions.